Tribeca Cool Meets Mediterranean Mellow
Meet the best of both worlds—old and new.
A feeling of relaxing by the Mediterranean after a film in Tribeca—all from this stunning duplex.
Shown in: Empire Fleet Blue 4006-6C , Frolic 7003-12 , Sharkfin 4007-2A , Island Orange 2010-2
New Palette
Laurie brings the best of both the old world and the new to her Twin City duplex. The living room soothes the soul with the warm, sandy paint tones of a Mediterranean village. The New York City loft—inspired lower-level living space is presented in all cool, blue minimalism—the perfect background for a wide screen home cinema dramatically framed in a simple square of earthy brick tone. A common wall becomes a bold swathe of Empire Fleet Blue paint with Island Orange painted accents.
Laurie's Inspiration
Laurie believes in taking your vacation home with you, decorate with Mediterranean keepsakes from her last trip. Her living room is bathed in sensual splendor with golden earth tones and slate blue paints. A home cinema becomes the modern—day hearth-your living room's center. Consider framing that cool, projector screen against a warm, rectilinear background, evocative of a fireplace mantel. Contrast creates interest. Choose contrasting color art and accents (bedding, rugs, stained glass lamps) to achieve dramatic effects.
Vacation memories.
Cinema as hearth.
Modernist accents.
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