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Valspar Signature®
Sandstone Finish
  • Adds unique style and quiet sophistication to your walls with a distinctive granular appearance
  • Perfect for bedrooms, living room, dining room or den
  • Available in gallons
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Valspar Signature®
Venetian Plaster
  • Achieve the look and feel of smooth marble on your walls
  • Imparts layers of rich, opaque color with delicate tone-on-tone highlights
  • Interior acrylic finish
  • Available in gallons
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Valspar Signature®
Brushed Pearl Finish Paint
  • Imparts a dimensional iridescent finish to walls
  • Easy to apply
  • Subtle, muted effect
  • Variety of custom tinted colors are available
  • Available in gallons
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Valspar Signature®
Brilliant Metals Paint
  • Distinctive and dramatic
  • A vibrant metallic sheen
  • Available in gallons
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Valspar Signature®
Brushed Suede
  • Impart the luxurious look and feel of suede
  • For walls
  • Subtle, textured finish
  • Unique light and dark areas reminiscent of authentic suede
  • Available in gallons
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Valspar Signature®
Paint Crystals
  • Adds shimmer to paint and faux finishes
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Clear Protectors

Valspar Signature®
Clear Protector
  • Protects faux finished surfaces and objects
  • Available in satin
  • For properly prepared and previously painted or faux finished metal, wood, wallpaper and plastic laminate surfaces
  • Do not use on counters, vinyl wallpaper, kitchen/dining tables or floor surfaces.
  • Available in quarts
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Valspar Signature®
Venetian Plaster Protective Finish
  • Increases Durability and Protects Venetian Plaster from occasional moisture and washing
  • Adds shine
  • 100% acrylic
  • Clear Finish
  • Available in quarts
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Valspar® Clear Mixing Glaze
  • Mix with latex base paints to increase project working time and transparency
  • Mix with Color Glaze to increase transparency
  • For properly prepared and previously painted wood, metal, drywall and plaster
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Valspar® Antiquing Glaze
  • Unique faux finish
  • Provides a distressed or aged effect
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Valspar® Textured Lime Wash
  • Create beautifully textured finishes while highlighting the base coat color
  • Hint of texture for dramatic new effects
  • Use with sponging, color washing and fresco techniques
  • Available in quarts
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Valspar Signature®
Weathered Crackle Glaze
  • Create your own antiques
  • Apply between a base coat of Valspar® Signature Colors® paint and a topcoat of flat paint to create dramatic weathered lines on the base coat
  • Available in quarts
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Spray Paints

Valspar® Brilliant Metal
Spray Paint
  • Ideal for decorative projects around the house
  • Ultra-modern reflective metallic finish
  • Use on virtually any interior surface
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Valspar® Chalkboard Spray
  • Turn almost any surface into a chalkboard
  • Flat finish, nonreflective, hard-wearing
  • Ideal for menu/score boards
  • Erases cleanly
  • Available in spray or quart size
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Valspar® Crackle Base and
Top Coat Spray
  • Interior use only.
  • Gives an Antique Crackle Finish.
  • Many possible color combinations.
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Valspar® Frosting Spray
  • Gives a frosted finish.
  • For clear glass and plastic.
  • Extra coats may be applied for a heavier frosting.
  • Interior Use Only.
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Valspar® Glitter Spray Paint
  • Gives a stunning glitter finish.
  • Ideal for use on small decorative projects.
  • Interior only.
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Valspar® Stone Spray Paint
  • A textured stone finish.
  • Ideal for creating designer items around the home.
  • Always use Stone Clear Sealer for exterior projects or to protect interior projects.
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