Valspar Ultra™ Paint

  • Paint + Primer
  • Superior-quality color
  • Low odor, zero VOC†
  • Thick, one-coat coverage
  • Stain resistant and scrubbable
  • Gives mildew-resistant finish
  • 100% acrylic latex
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available through Lowe's Special Order only

Valspar® Ultra™ interior paint combines Paint and Primer with superior color quality and a durable, stain- and mildew-resistant finish. With a low odor, Zero VOC† formula, relax and get to living with Valspar Ultra interior paint.

†This product contains 0 g/L VOC as calculated within the margin of error by EPA Method 24

Where To Use

This paint is ideal for use on walls, ceilings and trim. Paint applies easily to properly prepared and primed plaster, wallboard, wood, brick, masonry and metal.

One gallon of paint will cover up to 400 sq ft depending on surface porosity. For spraying, thin only with 8 oz of water per gallon of paint.
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Preparing Your Surfaces

Before painting clean and dry surface thoroughly, removing dirt, dust, rust, grease and wax. Scrape off loose paint. Remove wallpaper. Remove glue, shellac and sizing. Patch cracks and nail holes and prime. Paint will not adhere to glossy surfaces. Dull glossy surfaces with gloss remover or sandpaper. On new wallboard, smooth tape joints and wipe all powdery dust from surface. Prime bare wallboard with a primer formulated for that purpose. Plaster must be dry, fully cured and in good condition. Remove chalky residue and prime unpainted plaster. On ferrous metal, remove all rust and oil from surface. Primer ferrous metal surfaces with rust inhibitive metal primer. On galvanized metal, remove all rust and oil from surface. Spot prime rusty areas with a rust inhibitive metal primer. On new wood, sand smooth. Prime with an acrylic interior primer.

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Valspar® Bare Wood Primer
  • Seals porous wood surfaces for fewer top coats
  • Sandable for smooth finish
  • Ideal for bare wood, trim, doors, cabinets, furniture, paneling and more
  • Fast drying
  • Improves top coat glide, uniformity and durability
  • Works with all top coats
  • Peel resistant
  • Low odor, low VOC
  • 100% acrylic latex
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