Bold Colors

Room painted all in white

I'm feeling bold.
Deep purple, anyone?

Valspar Tintable Color Primer

In this situation the walls are in good shape and the original color is neutral, but in order to get a true deep purple, with fewer coats, you need Valspar Tintable Primer.

Drastic Change

Wall painted a deep red color

My dark days are gone.
Time to lighten up!

Valspar High Hiding Primer

For a drastic color change, Valspar High Hiding Primer is your best recommendation.

Marks & Stains

Wall with big crayon-drawn heart on it

My daughter went crazy
with crayon.

Valspar Multi-Purpose Primer

Valspar Multi-Purpose Latex Primer prevents marks and tough stains from bleeding through the top coat.

Wild Patterns

Living Room with one wall painted with large yellow circles

My obsession with mod is over.
Time to embrace neutral.

Valspar High Hiding Primer

To neutralize patterns, Valspar High Hiding Primer is your best recommendation.

Unfinished Wood

Unpainted cabinet

My new cabinet is begging
for a glossy finish.

Valspar Enamel Undercoater

Valspar Enamel Undercoater is the best recommendation because it seals porous wood.

New Drywall

Room with unpainted drywall

Drywalling is done.
Time to paint!

Valspar Drywall Primer

The best recommendation is Valspar Drywall Primer because it evens out texture variations between the drywall and the tape joints.

Patched Areas

Wall with primer patches.

All the nail holes are patched.
Now how do I get a smooth
top coat?

Valspar Multi-Purpose Primer for Spot Priming

Valspar Multi-Purpose Spot Primer is the ideal choice for priming over small patched areas because it evens out texture variations, leaving you with a smooth top coat.

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