Apr 13, 2015

CHICAGO, IL - Valspar, the nation's most widely distributed paint brand, has identified some of the most influential, lifestyle-changing cultural movements that will be defining color palettes in 2015. In naming the four prominent trends -- Sixth Sense, New-Fashioned Family, Picture Perfect and Nurtured by Nature - Valspar's team of color experts interpreted each in terms of six harmonious Valspar colors that consumers can confidently choose for their decorating and home improvement projects.
   "Color is a core competency at Valspar," said Sue Kim, color expert at Valspar, "and the trends we've cited for this year reflect key influences that are continuing to revolutionize the way we live."
   Commenting on the Valspar 2015 Color Trends Report, Genevieve Gorder, design expert, TV personality and the paint company's color ambassador, said, " 'What colors are trending?' is probably the most frequent ask I receive as a designer. Grouping Colors into relatable families through cultural events makes an overwhelming category of home feel approachable, logical and most importantly, doable. Valspar has hit the nail on the head."
   In addition to suggested trend colors, the report also serves up advice on complementary textural accents that can contribute dimension and increased visual impact.

Sixth Sense - Engaged With The Digital Age
   Impressive advancements in smart technology and intuitive digital devices - from smart phones to smart cars to wired-clothing - are becoming a benchmark in all aspects of everyday life. "These gadgets use artificial intelligence to gather information about our behaviors, and understand the context of our situation to anticipate our needs," said Kim. "In that vein, we're on our way to having a digital sixth sense that thinks so we don't have to, answers questions we haven't asked, and takes action automatically." This Valspar palette represents the seamless, perceptive presence of smart technology with cool, luminous and visionary hues featuring transparent glowing tones of blue, green, aqua and radiant yellow balanced by a stylish modern gray that expresses intuition. Bringing in touches of iridescent and ombre finishes can elevate the flowing effect of these luminous hues.

New-Fashioned Family - A New Kind of Kin
   Shifts in family structure, as they become increasingly diverse, blended and anything but cookie cutter, are impacting today's homes. "The meaning of family hasn't changed, but what it looks like has," said Kim. "There is freedom to define the household on our terms, and the world is wide open for the modern family to live and grow." The New-Fashioned Family trend that Valspar calls out is characterized by joyful, optimistic, contemporary hues capturing the independent spirit of this new demographic and includes confident, happy shades of red, coral, berry and orange grounded with a timeless, comfortable denim blue and a soulful, deep burgundy. Pairing these joyful hues with high-gloss finishes and translucent accents adds a pop of personal style to the home.

Picture Perfect - The New Style of Storytelling
   The third trend zooms in on the social media movement and the powerful influence of personal storytelling. "The visual impact of social media encourages us to post the best versions of ourselves and curate our stories," said Kim. "Selfies and Usies put us front and center in the action, not as narcissists but as historians. Filter-enhanced images reflect our idealized vision - everything looks better through the Instagram lens. We now have the ability to make our stories picture perfect." This palette embodies the warm connective nature of self-expression with soft coral tones, a tan that represents human interaction, and dreamy shades of blue, copper and platinum that bring to mind popular photo filter effects. Layering these filtered hues with subtle shimmer and metallic finishes can add a flash of excitement.

Nurtured by Nature - Embracing the Elements
  "There is a growing awareness that connecting to the great outdoors is essential to our well-being," Kim said. "This human instinct is known as biophilia - the 'love of life or living systems.' The desire to develop a deeper relationship with the natural world is on the rise globally, evidenced by more and more urban gardens, rooftop bee farms in cities, and even the popularity of farm-to-table menus. Strong ties to nature can make us healthier, happier, more productive creatively, more resilient and even more generous," she continued. "We live our best lives when we are nurtured by nature."
   This trend is translated by a collection of lush, organic colors that include unrefined mineral grays of the earth; a rich clay red; an invigorating blue and a fresh yellow-green that radiates energy and growth. Natural stone and hammered steel accents ground the energy of these lush hues and heighten the sensory appeal of the space.

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