2010 Color Trend Palettes For Consumers

Jun 14, 2010

WHEELING, Ill - Drawing on a consumer desire to relax, retreat and create a calm, soothing environment at home, The Valspar Corporation – a leader in the paint and coatings industry – today reveals its 2010 color trend palettes. Each of the four palettes – Watercolor Impression, Retro Retreat, Vintage Romance and Peaceful Ambiance – is comprised of eight colors, providing an assortment of choices for consumers selecting colors within a particular trend. Inspired by the current environment and consumer sentiment, these trend palettes build upon relevant societal themes and will carry greater significance as the year 2010 unfolds.

“Our number one goal at Valspar is to ease the painting and décor process,” said Sue Kim, Valspar color trend and forecast specialist.

“Knowing that color selection can be difficult for consumers, we identified four distinct trend palettes that will help them easily choose colors that match their personal aesthetic and create a home that ties to back to the overall consumer desire to find solace in the home.”

Valspar’s 2010 four color trend palettes:

  • Watercolor Impression – Inspired by fluid patterns found in art, glassware and upholstery, this palette is refreshing and soothing at the same time. A great choice for small spaces, these clean, cool and translucent tones provide a sense of expanding horizons.
  • Retro Retreat – Colors of the past are reinvented for the present to create a calming sanctuary. Paired with the right colors, this nostalgic palette of warm earth tones, inviting greens and subtle blues can create a classic or modern feel in any room.
  • Vintage Romance – Rediscover the regal elegance of a bygone era with the rich jewel tones and luxurious textures that defined the Victorian period. With many spending more time at home, this velvety palette of deep, rich colors can create a much needed sense of security and lavishness.
  • Peaceful Ambiance – This ethereal palette of warm and light earthy colors creates a comforting and relaxing atmosphere in a time of economic uncertainty. These soft, idealistic colors are derived from the pastels found in nature and offer a positive outlook for the future.

“These palettes are inspired by things that affect us all – nature, cultural shifts, the economic climate – so there’s a little something for everyone,” said Kim. “By mixing and matching different colors, tones and textures, these universal palettes can combine to complement any personal style.”

For more information about Valspar, its 2010 color trends, or to locate a dealer, please visit www.Valspar.com.

The Valspar Corporation (NYSE: VAL) is a global leader in the paint and coatings industry. Since 1806, Valspar has been dedicated to bringing customers the latest innovations, the finest quality and the best customer service in the coatings industry. For more information, visit ValsparGlobal.com

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