Farmhouse in the Catskills
The country farmhouse is an emotional concept inspired by historic antiques and a tranquil escape from city life.
This couple was inspired by hidden architectural details and rural antiques.
Shown in: Notre Dame 5006-1B , Paramount White 7006-22 , Granite Dust 5006-1C , Very Black 5011-2
New Palette
Capturing the perfect white paint proved to be a challenge, until Robert noticed the young doves nesting in his front bushes. He loved the cool gray color of the dove, which referenced early 1800s farmhouses in New England and upstate New York. He also wanted to emphasize the unique architectural details of this Greek Revival house. He chose a slightly darker shade of gray paint to highlight these details and a dark rich black paint for the front door.
Robert and Christina's Inspiration
Revitalizing this old American farmhouse, tucked away in the Catskills, was Robert and Christina's dream. They were also inspired by the classic Greek Revival features hidden behind the white paint, and were determined to emphasize them. Robert wanted to stay true to the natural elements of the blue stone foundation, which was common in early 1800s farmhouses. He picked up on the natural green tones from his garden and the rich buttery yellows from the flowers on his porch.
Rural antiques.
New York blue fieldstone.
Greek Revival details.
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