Cheryl Overcomes the Hurricane Effect
Cheryl and Darryl faced a challenge in New Orleans.
Cheryl's pride in her home and lawn in evident in with this vivid exterior image.
Shown in: Divine Cream 7006-8 , Ivory Lace 7003-6 , Ancient Burgundy 1011-6
New Palette
Relieved that Lowe's® had been able to stay open during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Darryl and Cheryl began to tear the walls down during his two—week vacation. When asked about inspiration, Cheryl was resolute: "clean walls". March 2008 photos reveal the clean walls framed by burgundy curtains with ivory accents carried through to the tapestry chairs and rug. Darryl and his son, Darryl Jr., worked together for a year to redo the house, as Cheryl concentrated on how to make it welcoming again.
Cheryl's Inspiration
The family ate TV dinners from their freezer for six months. During this time, Cheryl dreamed of the home cooked meals she'd love to prepare and serve again in her own home. Finally, after a year, Cheryl and Darryl welcomed the family to a lovingly prepared Thanksgiving dinner. They enjoyed their meal around the rich sheen of the dining room table, ready to receive family and friends and deliver some well deserved rest.
Color outside the lines.
Welcoming once again.
Clean walls work with accent colors.
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