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Mediterranean Eclectic

Stately and diverse, this style combines a variety of cultural influences. Mediterranean Eclectic features stucco, tile roofs, broad overhangs, low-pitched rooflines, open-air verandas, courtyards and covered porches or lanais.

Palette Considerations

Blend vibrant color with earthen accents. This palette reflects diverse regions —a classic Italian villa or a Spanish-inspired courtyard; the vibrant colors from the Adriatic and Aegean Seas or the exotic feel of a North African retreat. There's no rule against blending these styles to create something that's entirely your own.

Color Inspiration


This palette contains both grounded hues and bright, saturated color and features clean watery blues, adobe reds and glowing, earthy oranges. If you live in a coastal area, consider using deep sea blues. In a dry climate the rustic tones of clay and terra cotta blend nicely with the environment.

Exterior Color Tips

  • No matter the architectural style of your home, don't
    forget to consider the fixed features and surrounding environment. Elements that won't be painted —such as your landscaping, roof, stone or masonry, and windows —are just as important as the portions you paint. Neutral elements carry less weight in your color decisions; colored features play a more important role.

  • An easy way to enhance curb appeal and create
    a signature statement is changing your door color. Paint it
    a contrasting color that complements the house color, or use the trim color. Door frames can be painted the same color as the house, or use the trim color. Consider a darker shade of the trim color for sunken panels and a medium shade for the stiles (the vertical struts on paneled doors).

  • Play down your windows and other features by using the house color; draw attention by selecting a high-contrast hue. Shutters and window boxes provide a vehicle to add an extra punch of color —use the same color as your front door or select complementary colors.

  • Treads on wooden steps usually carry the porch color, while risers can be painted the color of the house trim.

  • Flowering shrubs and perennials, plus mulch, can play a colorful and textural role.

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