valspar paint®
New HydroChroma Technology for color that stays true longer

Introducing Valspar® HydroChroma™ Technology. This all new paint colorant system uses 3X the number of super strength, concentrated paint colorants than standard systems, ensuring Color Stays True Longer™. Not only does HydroChroma Technology offer superior color matching, these concentrated paint colorants deliver advanced fade resistance and improved one-coat coverage.

Superior Color Matching

Never settle for a color that is just close enough. With 3x more concentrated, super-strength paint colorants, HydroChroma Technology delivers a broader range of color. Now you can match bolder colors more precisely than ever before.

New HydroChroma Technology for a broader color range

ADVANCED Fade Resistance

Superior UV-resistant pigments defend your color against fading even under harsh sunlight. With HydroChroma Technology, Color Stays True Longer.

New HydroChroma Technology for advanced fade resistance

Improved One-Coat Coverage

Concentrated pigments provide enhanced hide and coverage, even over the darkest of colors. Spend less time and money painting and more time enjoying your color with HydroChroma Technology.

New HydroChroma Technology for superior one-coat coverage