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Valspar® Interior/Exterior
High-Gloss Enamel Paint

  • Interior/exterior paint + primer
  • Durable, lustrous finish
  • Withstands wear, indoors and out
  • Excellent hide & silky smooth appearance
  • Gloss-lock formula: Freshly painted finish even after cleaning
  • Stain resistant and scrubbable
  • Burnish resistant to retain glossy finish
  • Gives mildew-resistant finish
  • 100% acrylic latex
  • Lifetime warranty
Valspar Interior/Exterior High Gloss Enamel is ideal for cabinets, doors, trim, shutters, and even entire kitchens and bathrooms. Our gloss-lock formula provides a highly-durable and lustrous enamel that retains its glossy finish even after repeated cleaning. It's guaranteed to last a lifetime inside or outside your home.
Where To Use

Properly prepared, interior and exterior surfaces, including previously painted and primed:

  • Plaster
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Drywall
  • Cement
  • Metal
Covers up to 400 sq. ft. per gallon (37 m2 per 3.78 L) depending on surface porosity.
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