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The Easiest Spray Paint for
The Perfect Finish

Valspar® Premium Enamel with Easy-Spray Technology takes spray painting to a whole new level. With our revolutionary package design, you get an easier spray on every project. Couple that with smoother coverage and faster dry times (no recoat window)...and your projects will look better and take less time than ever before.

Twist-and-Spray Cap

Twist-and-Spray Cap

Accidental sprays and hard-to-remove caps are a thing of the past. Just twist to unlock and you're ready to go.

Effortless Painting

No more tired fingers! The large finger pad reduces the effort needed to paint by 33%. And Valspar Premium Enamel sprays at any angle, for smooth coverage in even tough-to-reach places.

Recoat at Any Time

Valspar Premium Enamel eliminates the "recoat window" associated with most other spray paints. Add another coat in an hour...a week...or a month. Your projects get done faster, on your schedule.

Gloss Churchill
Hotel Ivory
Gloss Lovely Bluff
Satin Churchill
Hotel Vanilla
Satin Whipped Apricot
Gloss Gold Abundance
Satin Royal Garnet
Gloss Classic Red
Gloss Cut Ruby
Satin Bright Red
Gloss Island Orange
Satin Thistle Field
Gloss Frosty Berry
Satin Sumptuous Purple
Satin Encounter
Satin Indigo Streamer
Gloss Indigo Cloth
Gloss Deep Sea Diving
Satin Peacock House
Gloss Montpelier
Palmetto Green
Gloss Luscious Green
Gloss Smoke Infusion
Gloss Cobalt Cannon
Satin La Fonda Sagebrush
Satin Brown Velvet
Gloss Roasted Coffee
Flat Labrador
Satin Thorny Brush
Gloss Hacienda Tile
Satin Tropical Foliage
Satin Everglade Glen
Satin Leafy Rise
Flat Purple Fury
Gloss Tropical Oasis
Satin Hunter's White
Satin New Avocado
Gloss Exotic Sea
Satin La Fonda Copper
Satin Hubbell House Golden Maize
Gloss Black
Satin Black
Flat Black
Gloss White
Satin White
Flat White
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