Valspar® Knit
Roller Cover

  • Constructed for a quicker finish
  • For use with all paints and primers
  • Use on smooth or lightly textured surfaces

For better results and less effort for all painting projects, Valspar's knit roller covers are great for all projects.

Also available in the following sizes:

  • 1/2" Knit Roller Cover
  • 3/4" Knit Roller Cover
  • 3/8" Knit Roller Cover - 6 PK
  • 1/2" Knit Roller Cover - 3 PK
  • 3/8" Knit Roller Cover - 3PK
  • 3/4" Knit Roller Cover - 2 PK
  • 4" Roller Frame & Roller
  • 4" 3/8" Roller Cover - 2PK
  • 4" 3/8" Roller Cover

Where To Use

For interior or exterior projects

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