valspar paint®
New Valspar Reserve interior and exterior paint with HydroChroma Technology

Valspar® Reserve®.
Our most durable paint ever.

Creating the highest-quality paint for our customers is important to Valspar. So our promise is to connect you to the full power in color by developing the best products in the market.

We conducted a series of tests to validate that Valspar Reserve beats the competition.

First, we asked an independent research firm, Shapiro & Associates, to survey hundreds of people to identify the paint attributes most important to them. The survey concluded that durability, one-coat coverage, stain resistance, and
stain-blocking capabilities were high on our customers’ wish lists for interior
paint. We listened. For exterior paint, consumers wanted products that were dirt,
mildew and fade resistant so that their homes stay looking as beautiful as the first day they were painted. Once again, we listened.

Second, we created entirely new PATENTED paint formulas using the very best ingredients and our new HydroChroma™ Technology.

Third, our new paints and the leading competitor’s premium paints were tested for these important attributes by both Valspar and an independent laboratory. The paints were submitted in coded cans so that the lab technicians didn’t know whose paint they were testing. That ensured results that were fair and unbiased.

Finally, we anxiously awaited the results.

And we are proud to say that there is, indeed, power in our color.

The test results demonstrate that across flat, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss
sheens, on average, VALSPAR RESERVE interior paint with HydroChroma Technology provides:

than the leading competitor’s tested product and interior one-coat color collection. The test results also demonstrate that across flat, satin and semi-gloss sheens, on average VALSPAR RESERVE exterior paint maintains a

than the leading competitor’s tested product.

VALSPAR RESERVE is our most durable Paint + Primer ever.

We are proud to share the following results with you.


Washability/Stain Resistance

was measured using eight standard test stains, including tea, purple marker, wine, red marker, coffee, grape juice, mustard and lipstick (ASTM D4828-94). Stains were applied to test panels and allowed to set for one hour prior to washing with Formula 409® cleaner. The cleaned panels were then assessed for any residual staining using a method called “spectrophotometry,” which quantifiably measures the brightness of a surface transmitted through any residual staining (D65 10º CIE Lab). Valspar Reserve scored over 30% higher than the leading competitor’s paint across its four sheens. The following side-by-side pictures of our semi-gloss sheen product versus a competitor’s product demonstrates how red marker, mustard and coffee stains wipe off from Valspar Reserve paint.

Valspar Reserve Exterior with HydroChroma Technology for superior fade resistance

Unsurpassed Stain + Scrub Resistance

is a composite term that is the average of two high-scoring attributes for interior paints:
(1) Washability/Stain resistance — ease of removing household stains from the painted surface and (2) Scrub resistance — how well the paint film holds up to repeated scrubbing. Both attributes were measured using standardized performance tests.

Washability/Stain Resistance was measured as detailed above.

Scrub resistance was measured using ASTM D2486-06 Method A, with the films being evaluated to failure or 2000 cycles, whichever happened first.

This independent testing establishes that the combined stain and scrub resistance score of VALSPAR RESERVE interior is unsurpassed for life-proof color.

Stain Blocking

is a measure of the ability of a paint to cover an existing stain and not have that stain bleed through the paint film over time. This attribute was tested by applying a single coat of interior paint over a purposefully pre-stained substrate using standardized stains (specified by the independent lab TM 79). The paint was measured 14 days later using spectrophotometry (D65 10º CIE Lab). VALSPAR RESERVE had stain blocking scores (on average over all four sheens) that were 25% better than the leading competitor’s paint.

One-Coat Colors

To determine the one-coat hiding power of our color, we measured the contrast ratio of every color available in our Valspar color palette at Lowe’s against those of the leading competitor’s interior one-coat color collection.

Contrast ratio is a quantifiable assessment that measures the relationship between the visibility of the brightest and darkest points on a painted surface (white and black) relative to the paint that covers them (100 being the highest contrast ratio possible). A paint color with a contrast ratio higher than 99.5 would completely cover a white and black surface with little-to-zero visibility detectable to the human eye. A contrast ratio of this magnitude results in one-coat hide of a previously painted surface.

Valspar has 1.5X more “one-coat” colors than our leading competitor!



of paint using Valspar HydroChroma Technology colorants was tested by making single-colorant paint films using the newly improved colorants and exposing those paint films to sunlight for an extended period of time. VALSPAR RESERVE with HydroChroma Technology is more fade resistant than premium paints with traditional colorant. The side-by-side photo representation of expected results visually depicts at a single point in time (after an approximately 2-year, 45° south-facing outdoor exposure) the improvement in fade resistance between our premium latex satin exterior paint with HydroChroma Technology and the same premium paint made with a traditional colorant.

Valspar Reserve Exterior with HydroChroma Technology for superior fade resistance


was measured in our laboratories using ASTM D5590. Painted samples were placed onto agar plates inoculated with a known concentration of four mildew contaminants. Growth of each mildew type was assessed after four weeks, and the painted surface was rated on a 0 to 4 scale, where 0 = no mildew growth and 4 = >60% of the paint covered in mildew. The ratings for the three sheens of each paint brand were then converted to percent of mildew growth and averaged.

The exterior paint surface of VALSPAR RESERVE was 3X more mildew resistant than the leading competitor’s exterior paint.

Surface mildew resistance of VALSPAR RESERVE also tested higher than the next three leading premium brands, establishing that VALSPAR RESERVE provides an unbeatable mildew-resistant coating. The
side-by-side photo representation of expected results visually depicts at a single point in time (approximating the expected mildew growth after several years of field exposure) the relative 3X improvement in surface mildew resistance between VALSPAR RESERVE and a leading competitor’s paint. Mildew growth is dependent on time and localized environmental conditions, so the actual mildew amount may vary from this representation.

Valspar Reserve Exterior with HydroChroma Technology for superior mildew resistance


is a measure of the paint’s ability to resist dirt adhesion and maintain a clean appearance. Painted test panels were measured by CRGI for their initial “lightness value” (L*) using a visible light spectrophotometer. Then, a dirt media was applied to the surface and allowed to stand for four hours. The surface was washed using water and a folded cloth, and the lightness value was re-measured. The change in lightness value is a measure of the paint’s dirtiness.

VALSPAR RESERVE exterior paint had a 5X cleaner appearance than the leading competitor’s exterior paint.

The appearance of VALSPAR RESERVE also tested higher than the next three leading premium brands, establishing that VALSPAR RESERVE has unbeatable dirt resistance. The gray-scale picture of our flat finish paint vs. a competitor’s paint demonstrates that VALSPAR RESERVE maintains a cleaner appearance after being exposed to dirt and being washed.

Valspar Reserve Exterior with HydroChroma Technology maintains a clea¬ner appearance