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Valspar® One-Coat
Semi-Transparent Stain & Sealer
  • All-weather defense in one coat
  • Rain-ready in four hours
  • UV defense against fading
  • Provides a mold- and mildew-resistant finish
  • Six-year protection on decks, eight years on fences and siding
  • Soap and water cleanup
Badlands Taupe
Twilight Mauve
Chocolate Raspberry
Antique Burgundy
Bombay Pink
Cameo Pink
Royal Garnet
Tulip Pink
Cherry Mocha
Playful Pink
Jazzy Red
Timeless Rose
Strawberry Pink
Cuban Plaza
Heirloom Red
Tulip Petal
Terra Earth
Florentine Clay
Toasted Cranberry
Salmon Bisque
Rosy Sandstone
Amber Rose
Island Salsa
Pale Satin Peach
Coral Banks
Crimson Glow
Badlands Red
Snow Pa
Juicy Peach
Savannah Red
Napa Wine
Barely Pink
Salmon Rose
Deep Rose
Brown Plum
Soft Stone
Gilman Rose
Western Clay
Double Chocolate
Glamorous Taupe
Navajo Horizon
Sea Lion Brown
Potato Skin
Rosy Glow
Berry Frost
Brooklyn Brownstone
Acorn Top
Pink Breeze
New Haven Rose
Tropical Nut
Cowboy Suede
Soft Pink
Brushed Rose
Bear Claw
Sunlit Copper
Faithful Rose
Field Of Flowers
Grand Mesa
Semi Precious
Sweet Marmalade
Coral Ridge
Autumn Russet
Almond Butter
Peach Taffy
Roasted Squash
Orange Taffy
Apricot Honey
Toasted Apricot
Honey Tea
Toffee Cream
Clove Bud
Readymix Redwood Natural Tone
Buttered Hazelnut
Toasted Coffee
Hazelnut Coffee
Readymix Cedar Natural Tone
Butterscotch Sundae
Canyon Sun
Hot Curry
New Peach
Honey Pecan
Ponderosa Pine
Peach Butter
Pirates Treasure
Amber Wheat
Bugle Call
Warm Buff
Creamy Orange
Caramel Honey
Garden Ochre
Warm Cappuccino
Cosy Chair
Buckskin Pony
Lariat Tan
Peach Champagne
Gleaming Tan
Natural Cork
Brilliant Oak
Crème Brulee
Corner Café
Chocolate Turtle
Mixed Nuts
Peach Encounter
Copper Hide
Mesabi Copper
Mocha Java
Simply Cedar
Special Peach
Ginger Bite
Café Miel
Pine Cone Brown
Pale Blush
Coffee Gelato
Dark Toast
Chocolate Chips
Free Wheeling
Monas Mane
Cowboy Boots
October Brown
Champagne Gelee
Timber Dust
Zanzibar Spice
Morning Coffee
Tempered Allspice
Scented Candle
Cake Batter
Au Lait Ole
Universal Umber
Hot Chocolate
Bubble Tea
New Penny
Oystershell Gray
Tangerine Dream
Boulder Beige
Deep Earth
Subtle Suede
Doe Eyes
Olive Branch Gold
Spicy Brown
Cape Sands
Sahara Sands
Woodland Stone
Standing Still
Fair Peach
Delta Sandbar
Mocha Syrup
Mesa Sand
Pale Powder
Vienna Beige
Quiet Chamois
Dust Bunny
Moose Mousse
Changing Seasons
River Oak
Almond Whip
Palamino Pony
Young At Heart
Grecian Helmet
Lazy Sun
Veranda Yellow
Pale Butter
Antelope Hide
Sweet Treats
Cloudy Sunset
Dreamy Caramel
Lewis Gold
Estate Vanilla
Pecan Cream
Sweet Lemon
Mustard Glaze
Homey Cream
Amber Pearl
Harpswell Green
Earthen Sienna
Crafted White
Light Amber
Late Day Sun
A True Antique
Honeysuckle Beige
Golden Chime
Caramel Gold
Lemon Cream
Tweed Jacket
Caraway Seed
Hot Crossed Bun
Pale Maize
Maple Cream
Dining Room Gold
Glowing Dune
Demure Yellow
Soft Candlelight
Prairie Dance
Timeless Gold
Savoury Beige
Sandy Cove
Hazy Yellow
Toasting Tan
Gallery Grey
Coastal Villa
Antique White
Classic Buff
Ivory Brown
Cream In My Coffee
Almond Cream
Freshly Baked
Ivory Essence
Monticello Tan
Holly Leaf
Paper Moon
Coconut Scent
Smoked Oyster
Freshbrewed Brown
Clay Angel
Riverbeds Edge
Montana Moss
Cameo White
Wheat Toast
Winter Delta
Light Raffia
Prairie Path
Falcons Plume
Villa Grey
Winter Beach
Bella Portabello
Modern Avocado
Timid Absinthe
Paris Mint
Smoked Olive
City Arboretum
White Scallion
Sparkling Sage
Smoky Olive
Olive Smudge
Brown Buzz
Bayou Shade
Brisk Olive
Lunar Tide
Sumptuous Sage
Ambrosia Mist
Garden Of Paradise
April Arbor
Ancient Olive
Hazy Jade
Native Henna
Belmont Green
Mild Evergreen
Everglade Glen
Fiddlehead Fern
Palm Leaf
Wedding Mint
Crocodile Dreams
Green Monsoon
Mint Frost
Kiss Of Mint
Rolling Glen
Plaza Green
Bay Sands
Irish Paddock
Jungle Chameleon
Cactus Shadow
Betsys Linen
Frosted Shadow
Spring Spirits
Lush Sage
Whitewashed Oak
Garden Flower
Green Peppercorn
Ginkgo Tree
Hunters White
Grandmas Linen
November Gray
Pale Oak Grove
Ballroom Dancing
Green Trellis
Smoky Mirror
Sweet Mint
Cool Bluegrass
Mixedwood Leaf
Understory Green
Gossamer Sky
Shady Palm
Billiard Room
Capital Green
Dancing Mist
Starry Woods
Spa Green
Mosaic Green
Tropical Bay
Green Water
Moonlit Surf
Favorite Green
Sparkling Lake
Lake Country
Hanging Vine
Liquid Jade
April Thicket
Valley Haze
Waters Edge
Perfect Storm
Frosty Grass
Taiga Spruce
Northern Juniper
Sequoia Glade
Sea Tickle
Secluded Garden
Villa Blue
Sky Space
Lament Blue
Playful Pool
Well Water
Shaded Lake
Pale Flowers
Flood Tide
Sea Exposure
Starry Sky
Northern Sky Blue
High Noon
Ocean Soul
Pacific Pleasure
Ice Sculpture
Rushing Rapids
Roadster Blue
Empire Fleet Blue
Blue Raindrop
Tidal Basin
Blue China
Quarry Pond
Blue Tradition
Summerhouse Blue
Blue Arrow
Relaxed Navy
New Day
Café Blue
Lighthouse Shadows
Blue Vault
Soft Skies
Office Blue
Coventry Blue
Prussian Cadet
Journal Book
Royal Gray
Smoky Pitch
Novella Blue
Palisade Blue
Blue Skylights
Cornflower Blue
Courtyard Shadow
Evening Eclipse
Indigo Streamer
Prairie Sky
Blue Sash
Baritone Blues
Deep Sea Diving
Celestial Blue
Silver Fox
Atlantic Schooner
Egyptian Blue
Retro Colonial Blue
Silver Dust
Splendid Blue
Enchanted Navy
Precious Stone
Twilight Fever
Celestial Mystery
Moon Shade
Fragrant Lilac
Acier Tint
Window Screen
Mountain River
Lilac Machiato
Pacific Coast
Midnight Shadow
Morning Chill
Winter Amethyst
Dutch Licorice
Lavender Lake
Metropolis Lilac
Homecoming Blue
Corduroy Black
Easter Morning
Olive Gray
Rogue Blue
Pitch Cobalt
Sweet Shadows
Evening Lilac
Plum Good
Twilight Purple
Glass Slippers
Sweet Purple
Raspberry Wine
Sumptuous Purple
Early Lilac
Classic Lilac
Plump Grape
Stormy Purple
Lilac Lace
Simple Plum
Canton Purple
Sweet Currant
Subtle Purple
Magicians Cloak
Berry Brown
Perfect Plum
Rugged Suede
Porcelain Shale
Black Raisin
Darkest Night
Bleached Shadow
Dusty Lead
Safari Brown
Wellington Brown
Granite Dust
Hazy Stratus
Mountain Smoke
English Tea Party
Gray Expose
Coastal Dusk
Quaking Bog
Turkish Coffee
Murky Sage
Blackened Pine
Aged Pine
Forest Canopy
Seafoam Storm
Sable Calm
Forest Nightfall
Lead Cast
Slate Court
Wet Pavement
Secret Moss
Winter Flannel
City Storm
Polished Silver
Autumn Fog
Found Fossil
Iron Frost
Elephant Gray
Quail Egg
Cottage Gray
Almost Charcoal
Mythical White
Drizzling Mist
Sable Evening
Charred Gray
High Speed Steel
Very Black
Grey Brook
Vessel Gray
Muskeg Grey
Ancient Oak
April Morning
Cinema Screen
Modest Silver
Sandstone Gray
Warm Putty
Ancestral Haze
Blank Canvas
Apricot Fluff
Soft Silk
Fainting Violet
Bungalow White
Birchwood White
Fair Maiden
Noble Blush
Frosted Clover
Filtered Shade
Gossamer Curtains
Berry Cream
Winter In Paris
Madison White
Oxygen White
Notre Dame
Summer Eclipse
Ultra White
Italian Ice
Cozy White
Waves Crest
Sage Morsel
Spearmint Shale
Blanched Thyme
Distant Valley
Mellow Tune
Blowing Bubbles
Ante Meridian
Cool Elegance
Sage Bud
Moon Sail
Polar Star
Angel Touch
Azure Snow
Tinsel Beam
Comet Dust
Gray Opal
Seashell Gray
Silver Leaf
All Weather White
Quiet Mint
Bay Waves
White Sash
Wisteria Snow
Pale Linen
Tsunami Sky
Gray Palisade
Sapphire Glow
Valspar Semi-Transparent Stain & Sealer adds subtle color that helps mask imperfections and provides UV defense against fading. Dries rain-ready in four hours and provides a mold- and mildew-resistant finish. Easy soap and water cleanup. Available in 50 nature-inspired shades.
Where To Use

New or reconditioned wood decks, porches, outdoor furniture, steps, railings, fences and siding.

On smooth surfaces, approximately 300-400 sq. ft. (27-37 m2) per gallon. On rough surfaces, 150-250 sq. ft. (13-23 m2) per gallon. Square feet can be calculated by multiplying length by width; e.g., 10' W x 25' L = 250 sq. ft.
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