Solving Common Exterior Problems
Most common exterior painting problems result from poor preparation. Paint adheres to clean, dry surfaces.
For more information, see Prepping. Here's the run-down on some common exterior paint problems and solutions.

Likely Causes
Airborne algae spores grow on continually wet surfaces in bright light conditions. They appear as green, red or brown film and can be difficult to remove.

Sand off and scrape abrasive pad and a bleach and water solution (1 part bleach to 3 parts water). Prime with either oil or latex primer depending on requirements.


Likely Causes
Like peeling, alligatoring is an adhesion problem. If latex paint was applied when the surface temperature was too cold, then the paint doesn't get a good chance to form a stable film.

Sand off and scrape all loose paint. Spot prime bare areas. Paint with a high quality exterior paint and follow all label instructions.


Likely Causes
The development of ridges and furrows in a paint film during drying is caused by applying a very thick coat of paint. The top surface of the film dries faster than material underneath, creating a pulling/shrinking action.

Sand thoroughly after allowing ample dry time. Coating may require other removal methods, such as chemical stripping, to quickly reach original surface.

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