Masking Exterior Surfaces
What you'll need:
Here's everything you'll need to get it right the first time.
  • Painter's plastic sheeting
  • Single-sided blade
  • Green solvent-proof masking paper
  • Large and small plastic bags
  • High quality masking tape
  • Drop clothes

Clean surfaces first. Once surfaces are clean and dry, you can mask edges. When masking, err on the side of more coverage rather than less—particularly if you're painting with a power sprayer. Masking is time well spent because it enables faster painting.
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Step 1
Use paper and tape to mask exterior water fixtures, drains, and metal work.
Step 2
Mask windows with plastic sheeting and tape. Use your single-sided blade to cut the plastic to fit. First, lay down the tape. Then place the precut plastic over the windows.
Step 3
Throw drop cloths over sidewalks, plants and shrubs. (Be sure to water your plants first and remove the drop cloths at the earliest opportunity.)
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