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What you'll need:
Here's everything you'll need to get it right the first time.
  • Paint roller with 1/2" to 3/4" nap and paint tray
  • Painter's tape and drop cloth
  • Practice board (optional)
  • Valspar® Sandstone Finish

Add unique style and quiet sophistication to your walls with the textured look of sandstone. Valspar Sandstone paint adds a distinctive granular appearance to your bedrooms, living room, dining room or den.
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Paint Technique
Step 1. Brush a 3" border ("cut in") around the ceiling, floor, trim edges and corners. Note: Do not cut in around the entire room at once as this can cause a banded appearance. Rather, brush out the edges in sections. This ensures a wet edge during rolling for an even appearance.

Step 2. Roll using a premium quality nap roller. Work in 3 ft. square sections rolling in a large "W" pattern and filling in the square. Finish with long, even strokes from floor to ceiling.
Step 3. Allow to dry completely. Once dry, follow step 2 again to apply a second coat.
Shown in Sandstone: 15 Cottage Shell
Color accuracy will vary based on monitor and printer calibrations. Please visit your local retailer to view actual color samples before making final painting decisions.
Tips for Success
Try your technique on a practice board before you try it on the walls.
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