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Venetian Plaster
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Venetian Plaster imparts the glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to your decor. This smooth finish is layered with the multi-dimensional, two-tone appearance of marble surfaces, adding visual interest and charm. The warm hues of Venetian Plaster are perfectly at home in casual, contemporary or traditional rooms. Bring your room to life with the unique decor of a polished marble surface. The final effect is controlled by you. The more layers that are applied, the more depth and polish you achieve.
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Venetian Plaster Painting Technique
Step 1.Working in a 3' x 3' area, use a large steel spatula to apply a small amount of Venetian Plaster in an overlapping pattern. Continue overlapping the plaster until you have spread a thin coat on the surface. Do not worry about completely covering the surface at this point; let some areas of the original wall show through. Keep your edges random to avoid leaving a pattern as you move across the wall. Let dry 1-4 hours. When plaster is evenly matte and lighter in color it is dry.
Step 2. Scoop up a small amount of Venetian Plaster on the large steel spatula. Holding the spatula at a 90° angle, skim the surface filling in any lower leveled areas, leveling and smoothing as you apply. Proceed across the surface evening out higher and lower areas until the wall is complete. Let dry as before. If more depth or texture is desired, repeat with a third or fourth coat.
Step 3. Let the plaster dry to a matte finish after applying the final coat. Using 600-grit sandpaper, lightly polish the surface in circular motions. Use the steel spatula for a more polished look. Hold it almost flat against the wall and rub rapidly in a circular motion while applying pressure. The higher the polish or sheen you desire, the more you will have to burnish the finish. Note: It is important to keep the steel spatula clean while applying Venetian Plaster. If dried plaster is not removed, it can create unwanted marks on the surface.
Shown in Valspar Venetian Plaster: 69 Verde
Color accuracy will vary based on monitor and printer calibrations. Please visit your local retailer to view actual color samples before making final painting decisions.
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