Removing Wallpaper
What you'll need:
Here's everything you'll need to get it right the first time.
  • Box cutter
  • Garden srayer or electric steamer
  • Trisodium Phosphere or substitute?
  • Chemical softening agent
  • Wall scraper
  • Sponge
  • Goggles

There's more than one way to remove wallpaper. You can either rent an electric steamer from your hardware supplier or you can go the budget route and use a new spray bottle and a chemical softening agent. But before you do anything, take your putty knife and nick at the edge of the paper. Many modern wallpapers are designed to peel right off.
Score the Wallpaper
Using a wallpaper scoring tool, slice crisscross marks on the wallpaper. Later on these slits in the paper will help the softening agent ooze in and get at the paste.
Apply Wallpaper Remover with a New Spray Bottle.
Be sure to follow all instructions from the chemical remover manufacturer, including wearing proper personal protective equipment. Fill a brand new spray bottle with the chemical softener. (You don't want to use an old garden sprayer bottle because it might contain chemical residues). Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Spray the wall and wait the recommended time before attempting to remove the paper.
Or Soften the Adhesive with a Steamer
Follow all manufacturers' instructions. Again wear goggles and gloves—electric steamers can get really hot. Steam a small area at a time and then remove the paper.
Scrape off the Wallpaper
This step is all about finesse. After all that work the last thing you want to do is gouge the wall with your scraper. Easy does it.
Remove the adhesive and prep.
Fill a bucket with TSP and water solution. Rinse with clean water or other detergent and sponge off the solution of TSP and let dry thoroughly before prepping and priming.
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