Designer Vase
What you'll need:
Here's everything you'll need to get it right the first time.
  • An old vase or similar container
  • Self-adhesive plastic (repositionable)
  • Scissors (or craft knife)
  • Newspapers
  • Valspar® Gloss Cherry spray paint
  • Valspar® Flat Black spray paint


Add that final touch to your living room with a gorgeous designer vase. Valspar spray paints make it really quick and easy to create a stylish looking vase in no time at all, for a fraction of the cost that you'd pay in high-end department stores. All you need is an old vase, some Valspar paints and a little inspiration!

Tip: Instead of the contrasting red and black colors we've used, try complimentary or other color combinations to match the theme of your room.

Step-by Step Guide

1: Take your old vase and clean the surface using a cloth and hot soapy water. Make sure that the vase is completely dry before you start.

2: If you are spraying indoors, make sure you open a window for adequate ventilation, and place plenty of newspaper underneath and around the vase to protect the surrounding area.

3: Start by applying Valspar®Flat Black. This will eventually be the color of your design. Two or three thin coats are always better than one thick coat. Always try to spray across the vase in steady, even strokes and allow about 5 minutes between coats.

4: Now you can create your flower design using the self-adhesive plastic. You might find it easier to draw your design on the backing first. We've created quite a simple flower but the possibilities are endless.

5: Ensuring that the black paint is thoroughly dry (allow at least 40 minutes), cut out the individual petals, leaves and stalk and carefully apply them to the vase, ensuring tha they are properly stuck down around the edges.

6: You are now ready to apply the Valspar® Gloss Bright Cherry spray paint. Again, several thin coats are best, leaving 5 minutes between each, and spray across the vase in steady, even strokes.

7: Once the final coat is dry (about 40 minutes), you can carefully remove the self-adhesive plastic to reveal your design underneath.

For extra protection, use Valspar Clear Acrylic

Note: Always follow usage instructions on the reverse of Valspar spray paint cans.
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